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I am really proud of the work we do, and of the results we achieve. You can't work as hard as we do without that pride and satisfaction

Dave Cameron, Harlaw

Harlaw: About Us

Delivering change to plan is often an achievement in itself, but we believe clients have the right to expect more.

We achieve more, often much more, by bringing a rare degree of insight and understanding to projects. This enables us to often achieve more out of the change process than had been anticipated, and for clients to get even more out of the businesses post-change performance.

So, our commitment isn't just to do the job excellently, it is to add value in terms of process and, most importantly, outcomes.

Our commitment is simply to deliver more, and that is embedded in our approach to our work - and your success.

That approach is not a Procrustean bed that we make you fit into. It is a designer bed created specially to fit your needs and circumstances.

We are flexible and responsive, but of course we have processes and systems honed by years of experience. By applying that expertise and experience while staying flexible, we ensure you always get the best possible results.

We are not clock watchers. We finish what we start, and we don't start without knowing how we are going to finish.

We don't demand more fees half way through a project, and we don't charge “silly” fees in the first place.

We focus on delivering the greatest Change Dividend possible. That's all.

Why not meet with Dave Cameron face-to-face and find out more about us? Or just call him right now on his mobile, and speak directly to him: 07900 406 749.

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