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Areas Of Expertise

  • Procurement Change: Processes, Systems, People.
  • Finance Change: Processes, Systems, People.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Implementation.
  • Programme/Project Management.
  • Setting Process Governance.

Harlaw: Our Expertise & Results

You may have a need for outsourced consultancy, but these days (more than ever) you need to be absolutely sure that you are choosing the right one - and that you will get real value for money.

That's why we talk below about evidence rather than “case studies”. Because if there is one thing that we promise, it is to deliver exactly what we promise.

Our expertise and experience ranges over many sectors, and covers many different functions for FTSE 100 companies and SMEs

Because of commercial sensitivities, we do not name specific clients in relation to specific projects, but we are proud to present some of the evidence that we do - in fact - deliver a Change Dividend for our clients.

If you would like to know more about why we are successful, and how we work, do click on one of the Evidence links below.

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