The Change Bonus. So much more than business efficiency

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“For my money, the best you can get”

Success comes from people as much as processes.

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The Harlaw Promise

“To Make Change Make Money For Clients.”

“To Focus On Results, On Profitable, Sustainable Growth.”

“To Manage The Processes Of Change Efficiently & Enthusiastically.”

“To Give You The Confidence That We Will Deliver The Right Results.”

“To Be Partly Rewarded By The Results We Actually Achieve.

Harlaw: The Growth Dividend

We are committed to helping you achieve significantly improved results, so we focus on practical, timely and necessary change - on the practice, not the theory.

We are interested in theory only so far as it helps improve practical performance, and focus everything we do on making positive change happen, so that your company can better realise its potential.

We also believe that we should be partially judged - and rewarded - on the basis of the results we deliver for your business.

Before starting a project, there is an understandable degree of uncertainty on your part about value for money. Understandably, you want to minimise your outgoings, and that's why our fees are always very realistic.

But at the end of a project, when you have seen the contribution we have actually made, we offer you the chance to reward us for our contribution - should it be over and above what you expected for the fee.

This is what we call our Growth Dividend.

You benefit from a Change Dividend. We benefit from a Growth Dividend when we help you achieve your Change Dividend.

If we “over perform”, then you can choose to additionally pay us up to 33% of the original fee as a Growth Dividend. You can pay nothing, 5%, 15%, anything up to 33%.

It's entirely at your discretion, and you need only consider it after the project has been completed depending on your assessment of the value for money and results we have delivered.

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